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Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, slip and fall incident or through another’s neglect (medical malpractice) in Bowie MD you likely have a lot to deal with. This can be a time of stress and overwhelming confusion. You have a lot to deal with, you should know you are not alone. The Valente Law Group can help. We have a team of experienced legal experts:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer

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  • Motorcycle & Train Accident Attorney

  • Hit and Run Accident Attorney

  • Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

  • Brain & Burn Injury Lawyer

  • Dog Bite & Spinal Cord Injury Law Attorney

  • Premises Liability Attorney

  • Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyer


We can help you to navigate after a personal injury.

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There are a few things that happen to everyone after they have been injured:

  1. Physical pain, discomfort (possibly loss of property)

  2. Shock grief and disbelief

  3. Navigating medical care

  4. Dealing with insurance companies

  5. Potential long term disability

  6. Lost income/wages


The physical pain is usually only part of what you will be facing. There is a large psychological element as well. Worrying about medical care, worrying about bills, about the future and other concerns will set in once you are back up and around. Trying to get additional medical care after the initial care. Dealing with insurance companies and facing potential long-term disabilities. Dealing with lost income and wages. These things can be extremely overwhelming. Guidance and support from a legal team that is concerned with your well-being can soften the blow of having to deal with all of it on your own. Whether it is you or a loved one that is dealing with the fallout from an injury or medical malpractice we can help! You are not alone, call for a free case review and consultation today!

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