Burn injuries are widespread according to statistics. However, not all burn injury accidents make up a case, and not all who do, file a claim. A burn injury claim depends on the gravity of the situation, but it also depends on the quality of lawyers. If justice is what you seek, hire your best fighters: hire The Valente Law Group.

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Common Places For Burn Accidents

According to the American Burn Association, more than 480,000 burn injuries receive medical attention each year. When it comes to burn injuries, 73% of the injuries occurred at home, while 8% were at occupational spaces. Although you would think that your workplace is a safe zone from burning, sadly, it is not. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that work-related fires and explosions account for more than 5,000 burn injuries each year.

The National Census of Fatal Occupation also reported that 40% of all burn deaths were related to workplace fires and explosions. In addition, 20% of all cases of thermal burns in admitted patients occurred at work. Furthermore, 42% of all work-related injuries were burning. The report also indicated that burns made up to 10% of work-related deaths in the US, while electric burns were the most frequent cause (6%) of these burns.

When To Hire A Lawyer

You should hire our expert burn accident lawyers if you sustained a minimum of second-degree burns caused by someone else’s negligent and malicious actions. We will investigate the circumstances, collect your medical records and bills, and take a precise accounting of your losses. Our burn accident lawyers will tailor our strategy and tactics to your unique circumstances. You will always have direct access to them.

If you sustained second-degree burns, you are entitled to compensation. We will negotiate a fair settlement, not settling for a low ball offer. Going to trial is always an option for us. The Valente Law Group won’t charge you attorney fees unless we win.

Let’s Fight For What’s Yours

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