Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Maryland

Car accidents are almost always stressful but, when pedestrians are involved, accidents can be even more serious. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Americans are injured by cars while walking this country’s streets every year, many of which end up dealing with severe injuries.

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere that both cars and pedestrians are allowed to be, and given that tens of millions of people walk to work, school, or other daily activities, that’s a high risk. Not all pedestrian accidents are considered legally the fault of the driver, but the vast majority of them are. Read on to find out when it’s appropriate to hire a pedestrian accident attorney in Waldorf, MD.

Distracted Driving

There are many forms of distracted driving, although the majority of modern Americans immediately think of talking on the phone or texting due to the many laws that have been passed and public awareness campaigns that have been put out in recent years. Drivers who are eating or even talking to passengers without paying enough attention to the road and hit pedestrians will most likely be held responsible in court.

Failing to Yield

Many pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks. If a driver hits a pedestrian after failing to yield the right of way, they will most likely be considered legally liable for the pedestrian’s injuries. Call a pedestrian accident attorney in Waldorf, MD to discuss options for how to proceed.

Disregarding Weather or Traffic Conditions

Even if the driver has been following the hard-and-fast rules of the road before hitting a pedestrian, they will typically still be considered legally liable if the weather or traffic conditions have been ignored. Basically, if the outcome of the accident would have been different had the driver paid more attention to rain on the road or responded to higher levels of traffic by slowing down instead of maintaining speed, it may be cause for a suit.

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The examples described above constitute just a few of the reasons why a driver may be considered legally responsible for a pedestrian’s injuries. Those who aren’t sure if they have a case and want more information can visit us online to get in touch with a lawyer who can help.

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