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After a personal injury or a medical malpractice, the insurance companies immediately consult with their staff of lawyers. Most people do not realize that insurance companies have a team of “in-house” attorneys. Before an insurance adjuster speaks to you, your case has been reviewed by one of the insurance company attorneys. This of course puts you at an immediate disadvantage if you did not consult with an attorney.  For the insurance companies, you are just a number.

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Before you have a conversation with an insurance adjuster, call the Valente Law Group. You deserve to have experienced legal representation on your side. The Valente Law Group offers:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Accident Injury Law Attorney

  • Vehicle Accident Attorney

  • Car, Truck & Bus Accident Law Attorney

  • Motorcycle & Train Accident Attorney

  • Hit and Run Accident Attorney

  • Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

  • Brain & Burn Injury Lawyer

  • Dog Bite & Spinal Cord Injury Law Attorney

  • Premises Liability Attorney

  • Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyer


The Valente Law Group is ready to provide you with the aggressive representation that you need in Crofton MD that will ensure that you are fairly represented and get the compensation that you deserve.

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Insurance adjusters will use whatever tactics are necessary to get you to settle your case, whether it is refusing additional needed medical treatment or offering a low sum of money to settle the matter, they will do what they can to save the insurance company money and deny you your rights.


Don’t lose the compensation that you are entitled to or risk any of your rights. Get the support that will represent your interests and protect your ability to get the settlement you deserve. Contact The Valente Law Group today for a free consultation and personalized representation.