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Medical Malpractice

With over three decades of medical malpractice trial experience and a history of taking these cases to trial and winning, there’s simply no better law firm to handle your case than The Valente Law Group of Maryland. We will front all costs associated with the litigation, and you will never pay any attorney’s fees or costs until we win your case.

Auto Accidents

If you are not at fault and injured in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or trucking accident, you are entitled to financial compensation for the personal injuries and damages you incur.  DO NOT settle your case directly with the insurance company until we have had a chance to review the facts and advise you on a proper course of action.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered physical injuries and/or mental anguish as a result of another person’s negligence, a dog bite, a slip and fall, an assault or an exercise of excessive force, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Wrongful Death

If you are the wife, husband, parents and/or child of a person who dies as a result of a preventable injury, such as a medical procedure or an automobile accident, Maryland allows you as a survivor to seek compensation for the decedent’s death.  If you have suddenly lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, call us to determine if you meet the legal criteria for compensation.

Criminal Law

Once you are charged with a crime, time is of the essence to ensure your case is handled properly and ethically.  With former Assistant State Attorney Cole Sullivan, Joseph Chandlee, or Adam Chandlee at your side, we will stand behind you and ensure we exhaust every option to properly represent you during this troubling time.

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