The brain is the center of our bodies that directly controls our motor skills, cognitive reasoning abilities, and basic physical functions such as walking and talking. Brain injuries can be one of the most debilitating injuries a person can experience.  In the most severe cases, damage to the brain can result in prolonged disability and permanent impairment.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a brain injury and requires support, Valente Law Group’s team can help. Our skilled brain injury lawyers in Washington have the experience and knowledge to help you fight for the best financial result possible for you and your family.

Woman with Head Injury

Why You Should Work With a Brain Injury Lawyer 

Common causes of brain injuries are slips, car accidents, and bicycle collisions, to name a few. Though brain injuries can range from mild to severe, many can never recover their brains’ complete functionality.

A brain injury lawyer will work closely with top experts, including medical professionals relating to brain injuries, present and future health care experts, specialized accountants, and skilled health care practitioners in medical rehabilitation for brain injuries. This will help them build your case with a basis in medicine and science.

Additionally, a brain injury lawyer will strive to ensure that insurance companies recognize the impact of the client’s injury and the high level of support and care they will need. The brain injury lawyer will determine the long term costs associated with your brain injury and seek compensation from the responsible party.

Valente Law Can Handle Your Case

At Valente Law Group, we understand the emotional toll and financial burden a brain injury has on victims and their families. Though you may feel helpless, having a skilled associate by your side will offer you many benefits, including decades of experience and knowledge.

Work With Knowledgeable Brain Injury Lawyers in Washington

If you are located in Washington and have been a victim of a brain injury, we invite you to allow us to review your case and work toward a redemptive outcome. Our team of brain injury lawyers in Washington have vast knowledge and will partner with you and your family to work towards a successful and desirable outcome.