Dog Bite Injury Law Attorney in Maryland

dog bite injury law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD can’t prevent a dog attack from happening, but they can help afterward.

Our professional attorneys can help you seek compensation from a negligent pet owner who didn’t take the right precautions to prevent their dog from attacking you.

Bad Pet Owners Are Everywhere

There are more bad dog owners than people realize. How many dog owners actually spend the money to have their dogs professionally trained?

Another problem is that some dog owners expect too much from their pets. They expect their animals to act perfectly in every situation. They have to understand that a dog can be frightened and react. That can lead to an accident caused by the dog.

In cases as such, our dog bite injury law attornies in Upper Marlboro, MD, are ready to get involved in the resulting injury claim to help you.

Watching Out for Bad Pet Owners

Even though a dog attack due to a pet owner’s negligence isn’t the fault of the victim, people can still try to avoid ending up in a situation where they get attacked by a dog. They have to learn how to look out for irresponsible dog owners. For example, any dog owner who is walking their dog in public without a leash isn’t being responsible. It only takes seconds for a dog to attack.

More on Avoiding Bad Dog Owners

Seeing a dog owner walking their pet without a leash isn’t the only warning sign that people should watch out for. A large dog that seems to be pulling the person walking is also a bad sign. That usually means the pet owner doesn’t have control over their dog. Another warning sign is a dog that is unleashed in a yard that doesn’t have a fence.


Some people carry pepper spray to ward off dogs. Although pepper spray can work in some cases, it’s not a reliable deterrent. If a person is carrying pepper spray, they should still avoid risky situations with dogs.

Dog attacks happen every single day and can be fatal. People should learn how to protect themselves from becoming victims.

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