Can I Get Compensation From a Burn Injury?

Suffering a burn injury is tough. Besides the physical and emotional pain you go through, there’s also a huge financial strain on the victims. Having to pay for medical expenses while dealing with a strenuous recovery process can really be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining: if the burn was caused by a careless accident, negligence, or a faulty product, you might be able to get burn injury compensation.

But, how? Well, there are many factors at play, and while every case is different. It’s hard to 100% guarantee an outcome, it’s always important to understand how and why you might get compensation from a burn injury.

Up next, we’ll go over some generalities about burn injuries and when it’s a good idea to pursue a legal cause to claim compensation.

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Burn Injury Cases

More than 480,000 visits to the ER were due to burning injuries. They are pretty common, and understanding that sometimes what happened was not your fault is the first step into developing a burn injury legal case.

Now, there are many requirements on the legal end. That’s why it’s always better to check them over with your burn injury lawyer. What’s needed from you is to confirm the  burns were due to an accident that was not your fault.

When You Should Pursue a Legal Case

There are a huge variety of reasons you might have suffered a burn injury. Up next, we’ll cover the most common reasons to consider a burn injury case.

Accident at Work

Accidents are bound to happen. In 2019, over 800 thousand injuries happened in the workplace!

Most of the time these accidents could’ve been prevented if proper safety measures were in place. Let’s say the accident you suffered is a direct consequence of poor safety guidelines. In that case, you might have a case, and you should consult a burn injury lawyer!

Medical Negligence

Some medical treatments and procedures can lead to severe burns, such as those that deal with lasers and radiation. When these types of injuries occur, the medical team or the hospital can be liable for any damages they might have caused you.

Hot Food or Beverages

If a product is served that is way too hot for consumption, you are at risk of being burnt. If unfortunately, you have been scalded by a hot item, then you might have a compensation case.

There have been precedents. One of the most well-known burn injury cases is Liebeck v. McDonald’s Corporation. The case got pretty big at the time, thanks in part to a stellar representation that got Ms. Liebeck close to $160,000 in compensatory damage fees.

Any Doubts? We Got Your Back

If you’re a burn victim and you’re having difficulties deciding the next steps, we’re here for you. Our stellar team of burn injury lawyers will fight for you until the very end!

Don’t lose hope. Get in touch and let us help guide you through this arduous process!

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