Can I Require Employees to Wear a Mask?

Can I Require Employees to Wear a Mask?

Mask wearing has been an essential part of our lives to stop the spread of Covid-19. Many health organizations have recommended using a mask when in public no matter the circumstances. As business owners, providing a safe environment is a key aspect to satisfy customers and avoid any legal issues in the future.

Many establishments have required their staff members to wear a mask at all times to provide a healthy environment for customers. But does the law support you if you mandate your employees to wear a mask? Let’s find out!

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Mask Mandate In the Workplace

Masks can be required in the workplace to diminish any chance of employees transmitting a virus. Even though employers are not required by law to provide masks, they can make it a requirement for their staff members to wear them. By wearing a mask, the risk of spreading a virus or any illness is diminished making sense to have mask mandates in some cases.

If the employee refuses to wear a mask, it is suggested to first talk to the person and explain why you are requesting a mask. If the person still refuses the safety requirement, you can suspend the employee for not following the guidelines.

Can Employees Sue?

A question often asked by business owners is whether or not employees can sue the business if required to wear a mask. The answer is no; employees cannot sue the business for freedom of expression, as they are violating the safety measures that the company has implemented. If the employees were to refuse to wear a mask, that would be considered negligence.

Protect Your Business Measures

By enforcing mask mandates in the workplace you can protect your business and provide a safe environment to your customers, The law supports company policies that promote safety measures, including mask mandates in the state of Maryland.

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