Slip & Falls 101: Is It A Legal Liability?

When you’re on a property visiting, passing by, or doing diligence, the last thing you expect is to slip and fall. It may sound silly; it’s a little accident where you can get up, clean your clothes, and move. But what happens when that falls ends up hurting your knee or arm? Even your head and back can be severely damaged by an accident like this!

Recognizing if a slip and fall is a legal liability can be tricky. If you’ve been a victim of a situation like this, you may feel lost and helpless – what can you do? Where do you start? Don’t worry, though! There’s always something you can do to keep the responsible party accountable. In this blog post, we’ll cover slip-and-fall definitions, facts, and statistics to guide you on what to do next. Keep reading!

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What Is A Slip & Fall Accident?

When you slip or trip on a slippery surface, get entangled in an electrical wire, or fall due to iced-over sidewalks, it’s not always the property owner who is held liable. Although these situations are considered hazardous and may have resulted in an accident, they do not all constitute legal responsibility for the premises owner.

The level of responsibility regarding the accident must be determined by who had control over the property when it occurred. Store owners should take extra caution to ensure customer safety and reduce potential hazards, such as adding wet floor signs around spilled liquids, removing snow or ice from sidewalks, and surrounding danger zones with barriers.

An injured person may seek restitution through a legal claim or lawsuit. Their attorney will likely build their case with the premise of liability laws, which are based on negligence and its role in causing the accident.

Types Of Situations You Can Be In

You can’t completely dodge accidents, especially slip and fall accidents. Whether you’re a customer or a passerby, some of the situations in which you can find yourself are:

  • A Slippery Surface
  • Trips Over an Electrical Wire
  • Slips On an Icy Sidewalk


Facts & Statistics You Probably Didn’t Know

These are some facts and statistics that can shock you:

  • More than half of all accidental deaths take place in homes.
  • Slips and falls cause 50% of all fatal accidents at home.
  • Fall-related injuries caused almost 9 million adults and kids to visit the emergency room in 2019 (22.1% of all ER visits).
  • After falling, up to 30% of persons sustain injuries, such as head trauma, hip fractures, or lacerations.


Be Prepared With A Reliable Slip and Fall Attorney On Your Side

Even if not every hazardous situation is a legal liability to the premises where the accident happens, seeking legal advice is essential. However, if your case qualifies for a legal liability case and you want outstanding assistance, working with a slip-and-fall attorney is a must. At The Valente Law Group, we know all of this may make you feel alone.

We understand your situation better than anyone else and believe you shouldn’t have to face it alone. Therefore, we’ve been helping individuals like you overcome challenging situations for decades. So, avoid working with unreliable law firms and experience the support only professional attorneys can provide. Contact us today for more information!

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