Sadly,  truck accidents in Maryland happen often. If you were involved in one of those crashes, you may need an experienced attorney to assist you in how to seek compensation from the company involved. Feeling lost at this difficult time is an understandable reaction, but you don’t have to do this alone.

The Valente Law Group specializes in truck accidents; we will assist, guide, and accompany you throughout the whole legal process. Don’t settle for less than excellence and commitment; our experienced team will do their best to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

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Building A Case For You 

If you need assistance from a professional truck accident lawyer in Crofton, MD, you need one who is experienced and committed. While you focus on recovery, our attorney will do everything possible to defend your case and fight for compensation.

At Valente Law Group, our Crofton truck accident lawyer will do all the following for you:

  • Investigate and Collect Evidence

Evidence includes police reports, media from the accident like pictures and videos, data from the truck electronic information system, statements from the eyewitness, testimonies from experts, among other information.

  • Gather Your Medical Bills 

The attorney will compile all your expenses related to the accident to have a record of it.

  • Identify All Parties and Insurance Carriers 

To know what the attorney will be dealing with and what legal processes to start.

  • Negotiate With the Insurance Companies

A lawyer will request a fair settlement on your behalf to ensure all the required expenses are paid.

  • Take the Case to Trial 

If insurance companies refuse to settle or mediate, the attorney has the right (if allowed by the client) to take the case to trial and handle it as best as possible.

Let The Experts Take Care Of Your Case

At The Valente Law Group, we are professional truck accident lawyers in Crofton, MD, that will gladly assist you in every aspect of your claim to help you get a financial recovery. We will create our legal strategies based on our clients’ situations, guiding them through the process smartly.

Don’t leave your case to inexperienced attorneys; choose The Valente Law Group professional truck accident lawyers.

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