Brain injuries are among the most severe health problems a person can endure because the brain cells can be affected temporarily or even permanently. These events are not only caused by a traumatic blow in an accident but also by medical malpractice. If this has occurred to you or your loved one, you must seek legal representation.

At The Valente Law Group, we are Washington brain injury attorneys ready to evaluate your case and seek fair compensation. We know how to skillfully go through Washington’s complex medical malpractice laws and provide you with the correct assistance.

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Why Does Brain Injury Negligence Occur?  

Many patients have experienced brain injury caused by medical negligence. For a brain injury to be caused by medical malpractice, the patient must have been treated by a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, or dentist.

Medical specialists can negligently cause a brain injury when they fail to foresee the consequences of their actions and perform inaccurate procedures to treat the patient. When the doctor or medical personnel is unsuccessful in treating the case, these are some of the possible consequences:

  • Failing to diagnose a patient’s heart attack in time
  • Poor brain oxygenation due to brain blood loss
  • Surgical errors
  • Incorrect insertion of intubation tubes
  • A wrong diagnosis that causes brain infection
  • Brain damage due to wrongful medication
  • And more

Why Do Patients Have The Right To Seek Compensation?

If you or a close relative are victims of such a difficult situation, you have the right to take legal action and file a lawsuit against the negligent medical personnel. It is crucial you seek compensation for a case that should have been treated professionally.

Doctors must act prudently with all medical cases and not proceed under unknown circumstances, or take actions they’re not confident of. And that’s when you need the legal assistance of knowledgeable attorneys to guide you through your case.

A Washington Brain Injury Law Firm Prepared To Assist You

At The Valente Law Group, we provide free consultations and a personalized approach to every case we encounter. If you are a victim of brain injury caused by medical negligence, we know the steps to take and get hands-on. Our Washington brain injury attorneys are ready to handle your case.