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A personal injury or medical malpractice can be life changing in more ways than one in Upper Marlboro MD. The long-term effects of an injury can far surpass your expectations. Most people realize that there is some pain and suffering involved with an auto accident or a slip and fall situation, but they do not realize that those effects can be devastating. Financial problems after an injury often occur, long-term disability, trouble with relationships, psychological trauma that manifests in other ways are all potential issues. The list is long of the effects that can be felt after an injury or medical malpractice. Insurance companies are interested in one thing, protecting their bottom line, not in the individual. Going it alone is not recommended.

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Insurance companies love it when an individual does not hire an attorney to help them navigate the legal system after an injury or medical malpractice. When you negotiate without the help of an experienced attorney it is like going out in the snow with bathing suit on. It is just a bad idea.

Unprotected Negotiations

It is a fact that people that have:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Accident Injury Law Attorney

  • Vehicle Accident Attorney

  • Car, Truck & Bus Accident Law Attorney

  • Motorcycle & Train Accident Attorney

  • Hit and Run Accident Attorney

  • Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

  • Brain & Burn Injury Lawyer

  • Dog Bite & Spinal Cord Injury Law Attorney

  • Premises Liability Attorney

  • Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyer


Any of the above in their corner after an injury, get bigger settlements. Lawyers know the law and they know when the insurance company is trying to cut some corners on your case. At The Valente Law Group, we fight for your right to recover everything you are entitled to. Do you need a lawyer for your personal injury matter? If you want to really win you really do! Contact us to learn more and for a free consultation!

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