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Going out and about your day and getting hurt by someone else’s negligence can make several changes to your day-to-day. Car accidents put both people’s lives in danger, and if you were not guilty of it but ended up hurt, you need to get compensation for it. From high hospital bills, car insurance bills, and worse, death, we can help you get justice for your case.

Our attorneys in The Valente Law Group located in Crofton, MD, are ready to help you with your case. We are so confident we can help you win your case that you won’t have to pay attorney’s fees until we win. Reach out to us so we can start working on your case.

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Our expert lawyers know how difficult it is to experience sudden changes in your life made by someone else’s mistake. If someone else’s reckless driving has injured you, you can file for compensation. At The Valente Law Group, we assist you in every aspect of your claim to maximize your financial recovery. Bills can get extremely high, and if the person involved in the wreck was the only financial support, the whole family could be in debt.

We help process and collect your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and medical payment benefits. We further assist with obtaining a rental car for you while your vehicle is being repaired or help negotiate the value of your vehicle if it is totaled in the accident.

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We offer ZERO attorney fees until we win.

Our lawyers at The Valente Law Group will gladly help you in your case. We are focused on getting the best outcome for your case and fight for what’s fair. We will get the compensation you and your loved ones need.

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