A dog injury may not seem as serious as other types of personal injuries. However, they are significant and need to be taken as seriously as others.

A dog injury can happen to anyone at any time, especially during a stroll on your neighborhood. If an owner’s negligence made you get severely hurt and now your hospital bills are piling up, you need the help of The Valente Law Group professional lawyers. 

Our professionals at The Valente Law Group are ready to help any Maryland residents that have been hurt to seek the justice they deserve. We have many years of experience working with personal injury cases, and we’re ready to give you a positive outcome for your case.

Dog bites can get infected very quickly, and if it’s incredibly severe, you might need reconstruction of the damaged tissue, or you could even get an amputation. 

Seek the compensation you deserve with our Maryland dog bite lawyers.

How To Start The Process

Dog bites are considered personal injuries, and in these types of cases, you need the best help you can get. Our team of lawyers at The Valente Law Group excels in personal injury representation.

For the past 25 years, we have been representing many Maryland residents and we know how to build a personalized strategy just for you. 

A dog attack happens suddenly, and the victim cannot even prepare for it until it’s too late. As the victim of a dog attack, you have the right to ask for justice and sue the owner of the dog. 

After the dog attack, the victim has to run to the hospital and from then, the medical bills just start to pile on. 

If you cannot handle the pressure of the hospital bills, our Maryland dog bite lawyer can help you. 

Get Justice In Your Case

The dog’s owner should be responsible to pay for compensation for you after their dog attacked you. Let us know more about your case and our lawyers at The Valente Law Group in Maryland will seek a solution for you.