Hit & Run Accident Attorneys


Car accidents are very common, and it happens more often than we think. A hit & run accident can lead to severe injuries and property damage, and sometimes even death.

If you are suffering from injuries or debt due to someone’s negligence over a hit & run accident, you need the right team of professional attorneys in Maryland that can help you get the results you need.

The Valente Law Group has a legal team of attorneys with more than 25 years of experience in courtrooms and taking difficult cases. Our professional attorneys are trained and know how to handle tough cases due to our amazing strategy-building capabilities.

Also, we take the time to know your case and study it thoroughly, so the courtroom can give you the compensation you need for injuries and expenses made because of the hit and run accident.

What Our Process Looks Like?

Our professional attorneys at The Valente Law Group know that most of our clients have no law experience. Therefore, we want to help you understand your case easily and fast. Once you reach out to us and schedule an appointment, the process starts.

First, we want you to tell us all about your case and what has happened since then. After we know everything about it, we will start to build our personalized strategy for you. The person responsible for the hit & run has to take the responsibility and can even be convicted for a felony.

With the help from our team, you won’t have to pay for any attorney fees until we win your case. We’re extremely confident that we will get better results than you were hoping for, that’s why you can completely trust us.

The Valente Law Group is a client-centered law firm of experienced attorneys and legal staff that believe the client always comes first, especially when it comes to transparency with the status of a client’s case.

Get Legal Advice Now

The sooner you contact our team at The Valente Law Group in Maryland, the sooner you will get the compensation and results you are hoping for. Contact our team of professionals and get justice now!