According to the Motor Vehicle of Maryland, 70 motorcyclists lose their lives on Maryland’s roads every year.In addition, 1,400 riders and passengers get injured in motorcycle-related accidents. t is a tragedy that the number of total motorcycle accidents remains high, with three out of four crashes resulting in injury or fatality.

Almost half of the total motorcycle accidents in Maryland do not involve another vehicle. However, according to the Maryland Crash Data, when a car is involved in a motorcycle accident the car driver is more likely to be at fault.. Therefore, having a motorcycle accident attorney is advised. Whether you suffered or caused the accident, lawyers from Valente Law Group in Maryland can help. We have the experience and expertise your case needs. Contact us to get legal advice.

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Why Look For Legal Advice

After suffering a motorcycle accident, looking for a legal ally is the wisest choice. With the high probability that you have sustained injuries from the accident, insurance companies will either deny claims or throw low-ball offers. Having an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer on your side prevents you from taking less than what you deserve and maximizes your financial recovery.

If you caused the accident, then definitively contact our lawyers. Criminal charges might appear if someone is badly injured or killed. Having a lawyer on your side will help you find a solution, where you think there is none. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Maryland are also experts on criminal law. 

Who We Are

The Valente Law Group in Maryland is a client-centered law firm with many years of experience providing our clients valuable legal assessments. Our Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers will fight for you with your best interests at heart, especially against insurance companies. We will give our best to ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

We have three pillars that set the basis for our philosophy:

  1. Valente Law Group doesn’t charge extra attorney fees for going to trial.
  2. In the initial evaluation, we will be as transparent as possible. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will address the strengths and weaknesses of your case while making sure we have fluid communication.
  3. We will uphold our reputation of professionalism and always show respect for others. 

How We Can Help

It does not matter if you were at fault or not we will help you either way. The Valente Law Group will investigate the accident, take witness statements, and gather as much evidence as possible to find the best solution for you. We will negotiate with insurance companies and the other parties involved to try and reach a resolution through settlement or trial if needed. Valente Law Group doesn’t charge attorney fees unless we win.

Your Case Matters To Us

Our award-winning attorneys, ranked among the top 100 trial lawyers by The National,  will help you regardless of who is at fault. Contact us to start working on your case right away!

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