All You Need To Know About Plastic Surgery Malpractice

All You Need To Know About Plastic Surgery Malpractice

You may have heard about the complications and risks plastic surgery poses. However, there is a big difference between surgery complications and plastic surgery malpractice. 


There are many reasons people seek out plastic surgery since it can make a huge difference in their lives. If you’re thinking about getting some work done and want to learn about all the possible outcomes, read on to find out more!

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Complications vs Malpractice

Many people are scared of the risks involved with getting surgery. Plastic surgery isn’t any different, but it can be hard to determine what’s risky and not. There are ways to reduce the risk of complications, such as finding an experienced surgeon. Still, plastic surgery malpractice is when you’re suffering due to the negligence of your doctor.


It’s Not Your Fault

People have plastic surgery because it can be a great change in their lives. It’s important to be aware of the possibilities you may have when getting into surgery. 

Your surgeon is one of the most crucial parts of your surgery. If your surgeon doesn’t provide a safe environment and causes any avoidable issue, they’re committing plastic surgery malpractice.

Some examples of plastic surgery gone wrong include:

  • Poor anesthesia management: This is one of the scariest mistakes an anesthesiologist can make. Giving the patient too much anesthesia can quickly put them into a coma or cause death.
  • Operating on the wrong part: This may sound odd or even silly, but this happens and can result in serious damages. Your surgeon should know what the procedure is and where they will perform it.  
  • Wrong procedure: There are cases where surgeons will perform another procedure than the one you discussed. The patient would undergo a procedure they didn’t request and possibly affect their daily life. 
  • Leaving an object inside the patient: Many may think that this only happens in movies, but this happens. Many surgeons and nurses have left tools, sponges, and even needles inside patients. These “mistakes” can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.  
  • Nerve damage: Surgeons often touch nerves that can cause severe damage to the patient if they’re not careful.

How To Hold Them Accountable

Botched plastic surgery can be really difficult to deal with and having the right professional medical malpractice lawyers on your side during this process can make a huge difference. The Valente Law Group is the right choice when it comes to lawyers in this field.


They help you through all the processes that involve malpractice claims, and they’ll make sure your voice is heard. Using their experience in botched plastic surgery, they can work on your case efficiently and successfully. If you’re looking for someone who understands botched plastic surgery, with us you’ll be in the right hands.

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