Filing A Misdiagnosed Breast Cancer Lawsuit

Filing A Misdiagnosed Breast Cancer Lawsuit

Did you know that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer? However, many women are not accurately diagnosed the first time around. In fact, according to, approximately 20% of women with breast cancer are initially misdiagnosed. 

A misdiagnose can cause numerous physical and even psychological issues to the patient. Yet, what can you do to alleviate the burden? That’s where a medical malpractice lawyer steps up for you and helps you make justice for your case.


What Does A Medical Malpractice Attorney Do?

A medical malpractice lawyer is a professional who specializes in helping patients who have been misdiagnosed or diagnosed late due to the negligence of their healthcare providers. They are highly skilled at investigating the patient’s medical history and determining whether their missed cancer diagnosis resulted from a preventable error made by their doctor, nurse, or another medical professional. 

If a misdiagnosis was due to negligence, an attorney could help you file a lawsuit for damages.


How Can A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Aid You?

When filing a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit, a lawyer will help you with the following:

1) Review Your Medical Records: One of the first things your lawyer willl do is review your medical records to determine if there was indeed a missed diagnosis. 

2) Speak with Witnesses: If there were witnesses to your misdiagnosis, your lawyer will speak with them to get their account of what happened. 

3) Gather Evidence: In addition to speaking with witnesses, your lawyer will also gather evidence such as expert testimony, medical records, and more to build a strong case on your behalf. 

4) Negotiate with the Insurance Company: If the insurance company is unwilling to compensate you for your damages fairly, your lawyer will be prepared to take them to court. 

5) File a Lawsuit: If all else fails, your medical malpractice attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf to help you get the compensation that you deserve.


Don’t Lose Hope! Valente Law Group Stands Up For You

If you or someone you love has been misdiagnosed with breast cancer, it’s important to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at Valente Law Group to help ensure that justice is served and that no one else has to suffer the same fate. 

For the past 25 years, at Valente Law Group, we have proudly served our clients throughout the Maryland and DC metro area courts. We have a client-centered group of attorneys who will provide you with the honest and professional representation that you deserve. File your breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit; we’ll help you out.


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