I Need a Surgical Error Lawyer in Maryland

Surgery is a complicated medical procedure that requires a team of qualified and skilled surgeons and health care providers to ensure the patient’s safety. Even a minor error, in this case, can result in a patient’s suffering, discomfort, or in the worst-case scenario, death. 

If you or someone you love has suffered because of a surgical error, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, in which case it’s crucial to have a trusted surgical error lawyer in Baltimore.

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What is Surgical Error?

A surgical error occurs when a surgeon makes a significant mistake that harms or kills his or her patient. Although surgical procedures are complicated medical procedures that can pose substantial risks to the patient, there are certain instances where an adverse outcome is considered medical negligence. 

Like other healthcare providers, surgeons should exercise a degree of care and skill to ensure patients are not harmed while under their supervision. When a surgeon fails to uphold a certain level of care, they can be held liable for any damage suffered by the patient.

Often, surgical errors occur as a result of:

Insufficient preoperative planning: surgeons should be well-prepared for surgery by reviewing all procedures and being ready for any complications during the process. This includes reviewing a patient’s medical records.

Failing to follow a surgical plan: Surgeons often have an established surgical procedure to reduce the risk of harming a patient. When a surgeon deviates from this plan, it significantly increases the patient’s risk of injury or death. 

Inexperience or incompetence: Surgeons must have the required skills and training needed to operate. If a surgeon is undertrained or incompetent, they can be held liable for any damage the patient suffers. 

Fatigue or impairment: Surgeons must be physically able to perform surgery. This means they cannot operate on a patient if they are impaired by drugs or alcohol or suffer from sleep deprivation. 

Lack of communication: It is imperative that surgeons only communicate with their patients and other health care providers. Failing to communicate important information, such as the patient’s medication doses and adverse reactions, can have devastating consequences before and during the surgery. 

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