Pedestrian Accident Attorneys


Fight for your rights as a pedestrian with the help of The Valente Law Group in Crofton, MD. 

Imagine walking to your location on a normal, and out of nowhere, you get hurt by a vehicle that was passing by and did not pay attention to where they were going. Sadly, many pedestrians are either killed or injured daily in the United States. If you or a loved one have been severely hurt by a vehicle while you were walking, our professional attorneys at The Valente Law can help you get the justice you need. 

At The Valente Law Group, our lawyers are ready to help out anyone that has suffered from a driver’s reckless actions. We help our clients get the compensation needed as a result of the accident. Know more about our services and how we can help your case. 


Types of Accidents Pedestrians Are Involved With

Pedestrians can be involved in different kinds of accidents. No matter where you are heading, you are taking the risk of someone acting recklessly and injuring you. To know more about the different types of accidents you could be involved with, know more below.

Passing Accidents 

When a negligent driver does not look at their surroundings and strikes a pedestrian while passing, it can create significant injuries by only not paying attention.

Intersection Accidents

These types of accidents happen when a pedestrian crosses an intersection quickly, and the driver does not have enough time to react and avoid it. 

Back-up Accidents

When drivers are backing up, and they do not see a pedestrian behind them, and they hit them. This is more common than what you think. 

There are many other types of accidents that pedestrians can be involved with; however, it’s vital that if you have already been involved in a pedestrian accident, you contact our professional attorneys at The Valente Law Group.