Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Bowie, MD

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Smartphones and vehicles have turned into one of the biggest distractors for drivers. In 2018, more than 6,227 pedestrians were killed due to the reckless behavior of drivers. It’s very concerning how often pedestrians can be injured or killed due to drivers not paying attention to what is in front of them. If this has injured you or any loved one, our lawyers can help you. 

At Valente Law Group, we are ready to take on any pedestrian accident case that is brought to us. We want to fight for the justice you deserve and get the compensation needed when a pedestrian has been severely injured. Know more about our services and how we can help your case. 


How Pedestrian Accidents Happen

Usually, the fault of a pedestrian accident is on the driver that was not paying attention or was driving recklessly. When this happens, it can be fatal for pedestrians and their loved ones. Pedestrians take the risk of being injured, or in worse cases, dying because of drivers. 

The most common accidents that happen are caused by the driver not paying attention, being distracted by a phone, turning at an intersection without looking at their surroundings, design defects on the highway or crosswalks, and more. 

Protect Yourself With Our Help

There are many other types of accidents that pedestrians can be involved with. However, it’s essential that if you have already been involved in a pedestrian accident, you contact our professional attorneys at The Valente Law Group to get the help you need. 

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