When Should I Contact a Premises Liability Law Attorney in Maryland?

The majority of modern Americans assume that all, or at least most, premises liability cases involve slip and fall accidents on commercial property, but that just isn’t the case. There are a wide variety of ways that a visitor to a property can be injured and the bottom line is that if those injuries were caused by the property owner’s negligence, they might have a case. Read on to find out about a few of the types of cases handled by a premises liability law attorney in Waldorf, MD.

Inadequate Maintenance

If inadequate maintenance of a commercial or a rented residential property has led to a personal injury of any kind, the owner of the property should be held liable for that injury. Common issues include things like light bulbs being left unchanged in stairwells, concrete sidewalks not receiving adequate repairs, and other similar issues.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their animals under control and prevent personal injury to their guests. Most of the time, if a dog bites someone who has come onto the property legally, its owner can be held liable for the attack. A premises liability law attorney in Waldorf, MD might be able to help the attack victim get compensation as a result.

Inadequate Security

If inadequate building security has led to an assault, especially in a commercial, publicly accessible space, the building owner may be held responsible for any injuries incurred by the attack victim. These cases are less cut and dry than slip and fall accidents, though, so it’s important to find a qualified lawyer.

Toxic Fumes

There is never any excuse for a building owner behaving with such negligence that it leads to the release of toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide or concentrated cleaning chemicals. If someone has breathed in these fumes and it resulted in damage to their health, it’s a good idea to consult a lawyer who can help.

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